Unique Lemonades Lip Balm Collection

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This handcrafted lip collection is inspired by classic, ice cold lemonade, blended with fun and inventive flavor elements, and made into nourishing balms. Every item is made with whimsical, hand drawn labels and only high quality ingredients.

Pomegranate Lemonade Lip Balm (.15oz)— Exotic pomegranate and sweet lemonade blend perfectly in this silky, summer-inspired balm.

Cotton Candy Lemonade Lip Balm (.15oz)— Super sweet cotton candy and cool lemonade combine in a fun and unique balm that’s as moisturizing as it is fun!

Tropical Lemonade Lip Balm (.15oz)— A tropical twist on an old favorite. Pineapple and coconut blend with lemonade and subtle hints of other tropical fruits to create the perfect scent for this moisturizing balm.

Green Tea Lemonade Lip Balm (.15oz)— A nourishing balm inspired by a refreshing coffee shop favorite. This blend of green tea and lemonade is so good you can practically taste it!

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