Salt Scrub with Himalayan Pink Salt and Dead Sea Salt

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Our salt scrub is made with only the highest quality ingredients, including Himalayan Pink Salt, Dead Sea Salt, and imported olive oil. The scrub cleanses and exfoliates while nourishing your skin with minerals, antioxidants, and rich moisturizers to leave your skin silky smooth and soft. Each product contains 2 fl oz of salt scrub. Containers are filled to the top when made, but product may settle and compact in transit. Choose from 6 scents:

Botanical Blend: A lovely blend of fresh floral fragrance, with top notes of rose and honeysuckle.
Cocoa & Cream: A light, sweet fragrance with notes of cocoa and sweet vanilla cream.
Serene Spa: A soothing fragrance with notes including willow, fresh rain, and green tea.
Energizing Elixir: An energizing blend of citrus and peppermint.
Tropical Tonic: An exotic blend of sweet tropical fruits and fresh island blossoms with top notes of pineapple and orchid.

Earth Elements: A sweet and earthy blend of fresh greenery, pear agave, and sweet moss.

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