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Our Jumbo Lip Balms are more than 3 times the size of our original balms, which means more than 3 times the flavor and hydration! Made with only the highest quality ingredients, including nourishing natural butters, antioxidant-rich oils, and unique blends of the most crave-worthy flavors, your lip care routine will be as fun as it is effective with Owl And Oak! .5oz each.

Soda Pop Cake combines the flavors of sweet, buttery lemon pound cake and the delightfully refreshing effervescence of lemon-lime soda for an indescribably scrumptious treat for your lips!

Strawberry Frosted Donut captures the sinfully sweet flavors of a fresh cake donut smothered in sweet strawberry frosting and topped with sugar sprinkles!

Sugar Cookie has all the heavenly flavors of sweet sugar cookies, fluffy frosting, and sugary sprinkles in a tube of pure lip nourishment!

Pink Candy is a sugary sweet & unique treat with notes of candied strawberries, raspberries, & passionfruit perfectly blended in a sweet candy base.

Glazed Donut is like a bakery fresh donut coated in sugary sweet glaze to create the perfect treat for your lips!

Watermelon Frosé is just like the icy summer treat, capturing the flavors of fresh, juicy watermelon, sweet sparkling wine, and a hint of lime.

Birthday Cake makes every day feel like a celebration with notes of sweet cake and lots of sugary frosting!

Tropical Punch gives your lips a vacation with this sweet summer flavor! With flavor notes of juicy tropical fruits blended with sweet fruit punch, you'll be in paradise each time you apply it!

Hawaiian Butter Mochi is a sweet and unique tropical treat straight from the islands of Hawaii! This balm captures all the scrumptious flavors of the sweet, buttery, coconut-infused dessert and will help you celebrate summer Hawaiian style!

Brown Sugar Biscotti - One of our most popular flavors, now in a jumbo size! This balm smells just like rich biscotti with notes of sweet brown sugar and a hint of almond.

Jelly Donut - With flavors of a classic donut filled with sweet raspberry jelly, this lip balm smells just like the real thing!

Cream Pops - We took an icy summer favorite and gave it a unique twist! This balm captures the flavors of both orange and raspberry sorbets combined with sweet, creamy vanilla ice cream!

Orange Chiffon Cake - An indulgent flavor combining sweet, rich cake with a burst of fresh orange and a swirl of dreamy vanilla cream.

Jelly Bean Glazed Donut - A scrumptious springtime treat with notes of freshly baked donuts, sugary sweet glaze, and fruity jelly beans.

Key Lime Donut - A lively and delicious blend of glazed donuts, fresh key lime, and whipped frosting

Neapolitan Cake - A super sweet blend of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry cake with creamy icing.

Rock Candy - A super sweet blend of crystalized sugar, cotton candy, and blue raspberry flavors.

Soda Pop Gummies - A classic candy treat with a blend of cherry cola, root beer, lemon lime, orange, and grape gummy candy flavors.

Candy Bar - An indulgent blend of chocolate, caramel, nougat, and nuts. (Does not contain actual nut ingredients.)

Salt Water Taffy - A unique blend of classic salt water taffy flavor notes, including creamy vanilla, subtle assorted fruits, saltwater, and sweet sugar.

Rocket Pop Cotton Candy - A delightfully sweet blend of fluffy cotton candy and rocket pop flavors.

Tropical Jelly Donut - A freshly baked donut filled with sweet, tropical fruit jelly.

Orange Passion Fruit Cake - Sweet sponge cake with notes of juicy orange and exotic passion fruit.

Coconut Lime Cake - Scrumptious cake with an irresistible blend of coconut and lime.

Island Fizz - A tropical treat inspired by island cocktails, with notes of juicy tropical fruits, sweet sugar, and bubbly champagne.

Hawaiian Coffee Cake - A unique delicacy combining sweet spiced coffee cake and juicy pineapple.

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