Coffeehouse Lip Balm Collection

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This handcrafted lip collection has nourishing balms inspired by classic coffeehouse favorites! Every item is made with whimsical, hand drawn labels and only high quality ingredients. Choose from 4 lip balms in deliciously unique, yet complementary flavors, or collect them all and you’ll have nourished, sweet lips as often as you like!

Warm Tea & Honey Lip Balm (.15oz)— This moisturizing balm smells just like soothing herbal tea and sweet honey.

Brown Sugar Biscotti Lip Balm (.15oz)— Rich brown sugar and sweet biscotti are the perfect blend for this treat for the lips.

Blended Iced Mocha Lip Balm (.15oz)— A silky balm that has all the scents of a frosty, coffee frappe.

Vanilla Latte Lip Balm (.15oz)— This nourishing balm has the aroma of sweet vanilla coffee.

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