Arctic Animals Lip Balm Collection

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This handcrafted lip collection celebrates the cute, cuddly creatures in colder climates, combined with the scents of classic frozen treats, made into nourishing balms. Every item is made with whimsical, hand drawn labels and only high quality ingredients. Choose from 4 lip products in deliciously unique, yet complementary flavors, or collect them all and you’ll have nourished, sweet lips as often as you like!

Otter Ice Pops Lip Balm (.15oz)—All the sweet, syrupy notes of classic ice pops.

Penguin Snow Cone Lip Balm (.15oz)— A unique blend of fruits and berries.

Polar Bear Polar Punch Lip Balm (.15oz)— An absolutely dreamy blend of classic fruit punch with a sweet twist.

Seal Arctic Slushie Lip Balm (.15oz)— A sweet and fruity icy treat with notes of watermelon and other yummy fruits.

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