Antioxidant Infused Facial Palette

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Brand: Owl And Oak Beauty

A true hybrid of makeup and skincare, our Antioxidant Infused Facial Palettes contain an abundance of antioxidant-rich, deeply nourishing botanical oils blended with shimmering mineral pigments to create a palette of stunning colors which instantly brighten and add beautiful dimension to eyes, cheekbones, and all other parts of the face. Our palettes are made from a stunning and sturdy clear acrylic, and each palette contains a large, 57mm round pan filled with plenty of product which lasts and lasts! Using our unique production technique, time and attention goes into each of our Facial Palettes which contain beautiful, delicate swirls of complementary shades inspired by natural gemstones. Each individual palette is a one-of-a-kind work of art due to the method of shade swirling and unique texture which also simulates natural gems. As you enjoy the gorgeous, silky, pigmented shades, the beneficial ingredients in our palettes boost skin health for long-lasting radiance and hydration even long after your makeup has been washed off!

With key ingredients including Pomegranate Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Moroccan Argan Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, and Evening Primrose Oil, our Facial Palettes contain highly coveted skincare ingredients from botanical sources in a truly unique formula which allows you to effortlessly do something good for your skin each time you apply your makeup! Each of our Facial Palettes can be used on all areas of the face, and for strongest pigmentation with minimal product fallout, we recommend application using a sponge applicator or a brush using a gentle dabbing motion, then blending as usual. Due to the natural ingredients used in our palettes, we recommend storing in a clean, dry space and using only clean applicators to apply product.

Opal - A truly ethereal highlighting palette with a base of creamy, shimmering white with delicate swirls of subtle blues, pink, and purples which blend together to create a flattering, magical highlight for your face.

Rose Quartz - A beautiful, soft color palette with delicate swirls of light, rosy pink, creamy, shimmering white, and subtle light rosy beige which blend together to create a flattering shade which can be used as a highlight or light blush.

Tiger’s Eye - A gorgeous, warm palette with delicate swirls of shimmering bronze, light tan, gold, and creamy, shimmering white which blend together to create a universally flattering shade which can be used as a bronzer or highlight depending on complexion shade.

Fire Quartz - A stunning palette with delicate swirls of deep, fiery copper, shimmering red, light rosy tan, and creamy, shimmering white which blend together to create a flattering shade which can be used as a cheek contour or blush.

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